Simply Stated Elegance is budget friendly option without the budget look. 
You purchase the flowers wholesale and just pay for the labor to 
put them together. I have a wide variety of rental items to help save you money as well.

The pricing breakdown- 
* Flowers and floral supplies - WHOLESALE 
* Labor- $38 an hour 
     (I can give you a list of approximate times for bouquets, corsages etc.)
* Reserving the date- $200 Deposit (put toward the total) 
* Delivery- $30 (and up depending on location etc.)  
* Setup- $30 (and up depending on size of wedding)
* Late night tear down- $75 and up depending on time
* Next day pickup available- Starting at $50.

We take a limited amount of weddings throughout the wedding season and with that a $500 personal flowers and $1,000 total personal flowers/centerpieces minimum is required  During the winter months minimums can be adjusted if needed.

Call 952-484-6412 or email

Call us at 952-484-6412